Our Perspective on Mead

Mead is likely the oldest alcoholic beverage humans have enjoyed. Cultures, around the world, independently discovered the art of fermenting honey into mead. Each culture is slightly different, but the basic formula is the same: Water, honey and yeast.

At the Viking Alchemist, we brew mead for everyone. Though there is art and science to it, we try to make our meads approachable without you having to learn too much to enjoy it. If you want to dive deeply into the craft, come to our Tap Room and talk to the brewers. We’d be happy to share our knowledge with anyone who is excited - at length.

To get started, you can think about whether you like a dry or a sweeter mead. Even at the sweetest, our mead is never too sweet. Think… Kosher wine. And for the dry, it’s a taste similar to a Riesling. The easiest way to explore is to try a flight. You may not know what you like until you give it a try, and we’re happy to be your guide.

You might also enjoy the differences between sparkling and still. We don’t think we need to explain those terms. You seem pretty sharp.

Finally, there is show mead. Just water, honey and yeast. The true test of a meadery is how well they make their show mead. Ours is Solifaction, made with Georgia honey.


Dietary Considerations


Our meads are all gluten-free, offering an option to those people who either avoid gluten for health reasons or for lifestyle. For our guests who struggle with this, mead offers a wonderful solution.

Nut Allergy Warning

Almost all of our meads are nut-free. EXCEPT BLISS. Bliss is brewed with almonds and absolutely has nuts in it. Our equipment is cleaned thoroughly, so cross-contamination isn’t an issue, but if you are highly allergic to nuts, we recommend using a plastic cup and informing the server when you arrive at our Tap Room.

All-Natural Ingredients

We source our ingredients locally, ensuring freshness and a secure chain-of-custody. Because everything is fresh, there is a degree of variety to our flavors, from season-to-season. While we strive for consistency, we appreciate the uniqueness that each brew offers our guests.