Our meadery is celebrating its third anniversary this year. We imagined a place where we could experiment with fusions of new and old styles and our guests could experience something completely new.

Our mead today is complex, deep and spans a broad horizon. We do things that are unexpected. We twist flavors together in surprising ways. It’s the alchemist in us. The sense of exploration and wild abandon that brushes up against chaos. That’s the Viking in us.

This is how we imagine it must have felt when man first discovered mead. Probably by accident and probably with a lot of bravery! The alchemist embraced it, and made it better. Brought the village something amazing.

We are making mead. Come prepared.

There was a time when the village alchemist brought newly invented ideas to his friends and family. It’s an almost lost tradition that craft has brought back to our culture
— Robin Kosoris, Fouder


Ingredients matter

We source our ingredients from communities in our area. Honey is a fickle lover. It is easily influenced by the season, what’s flowering and the weather. We are committed to our local sources and want to see, know and taste where our ingredients are coming from.

Our mead is always gluten-free, with all-natural ingredients. It makes our meads more approachable to more people and offers a chance to enjoy an alternative to beer or wine, which may be less agreeable to some guests.

Mulled Cider ingredients 7.jpg