The Raiding Party Members

Viking raids are never small. The members of our raiding party are many, and their skill is legendary!


The Alchemist

Brian is so passionate about this business that it hurts. He spends most of his energy helping everyone else feel the burn. As the alchemist, burning is something that he’s especially good at!


The (Beardless) Viking

Nick keeps after the day to day, and reminds us that this is supposed to be fun. Whether it’s the viking beards or taste tests, he keeps the place lively and the pumps running while his highly distractible companions wander off to obsess over minutiae.



Robin talks to lawyers. We’re really all afraid to ask more about that, in case he makes us do it, too. Without him, we’d have closed for some kind of legal violation before the doors even opened.


The Herald

Tamara’s modern eye and marketing experience were critical in the design of a classy, practical space for tastings. Her other leading role is talking to the non-geeks; whether coordinating with the city, or marketing to groups new to Mead, Tamara fills a mightily important niche (keeping us from falling too far into a niche).


The Artisan

Tammy sometimes makes our art, but she always makes our art better. She also looks after us all, keeping the crew and kids fed and watered, and generally still alive enough to make more mead!


Dawn keeps up the money and the spreadsheets. She lets us get away with tracking things by sending her emails rather than entering our own data like responsible adults. She handles all our the pesky reports and analytics that keep it all going.